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The African Automotive Industry Alliance (AAIA) is a regional organization bringing together the African Automotive Industry and  provides a forum for the automotive industry players and stakeholders in Africa. Suppliers, agents, service providers, government and academia need to work collaboratively to improve the automotive industry practices and standards. Stakeholders will work together to resolve issues critical to the automotive industry in Africa.

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Our engagements

    • Providing a forum of sharing ideas and discuss issues concerning the automotive industry in Africa.
    • Providing a networking and education opportunities for the automotive players in Africa.
    • Recognizing the role of the automotive industry in African Economies.
    • Providing overview of the African Automotive Industry and how it can be organized and developed.
    • Providing a forum for the government and other authorities to learn and understand issues affecting the automotive industry in Africa.
    • Discuss issues affecting the industry including environmental issues and technology change and innovations.
    • Providing an opportunity for consumers to meet with car makers and their agents,
    • Strengthing linkages and collorations between Automotive Industry and African Governments.

Our projects

We realised that there is an urgent need for a paradigm shift in the Automotive Industry in Africa to survive amidst intense competition, and we started "The African Automotive Industry Alliance Conference".
This continental initiative is a "must attend" and first of its kind. Join us for this industry based event and be amongst the first to hear and discuss the measures that are planned and how auto players are currently responding to remain regionally organized and competitive.
African Governments will be encouraged to strengthen their collaboration with the automotive sectors and support the development of Automotive dusters.

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